Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lets Bring The Change

Lot of slogans and campaigns are started every day and every year but there are some campaigns that really touch your heart and leave you speechless.  We came across this astounding drive to bring change in this county being conducted by two amazing human beings. Their determination to create awareness and bring understanding about beti rights & interest has to be acknowledged, indeed.

The reduction in the female population in certain states of India is quite prominent and is worsening with time. Nurturing and maintaining education aspects among women should become priority among all class. Otherwise, a sharp decline in girl child ratio can create havoc in lot of situations. Hence, it is essential to spread this message in every corner of the world.

An expedition ‘Kashmir to KanyaKumari’ for BetiBachaoBetiPadhao is initiated by two entrepreneurs; Naveen &Aakash, to bring change in the society.  Our honorable Prime Minister NarendraModiJistarted this campaign to generate awareness and improving the efficiency of welfare services meant for women. It is our duty to execute this amazing campaign in our lives, hence, two enthusiastic and responsible citizen of India has taken this initiative to promote this wondrous campaign. Two travelers spreading message on a bicycle, covering one spot to another spot in 40 days is something to take into consideration. They are covering 4000 km distance on their mini ride; heart filled with compassion and with a sense of sincerity.

Aakash & Naveen are performing this campaign on their bicycles carrying message of BetiBachaoBetiPadhao, greeting and meeting every person possible on their way to educate them about importance of girl child and creating awareness about importance of educating every single child in their family& among youngsters as they are our future. A clear focus on betterment of female gender in country is the need of hour.

Therefore, this phenomenal campaign powered by and supported by NRC &Aashray is being partnered with ChandigarhNews, MyFM, TheVideowala, PhotoTravelExplore, Kudrat, to give a platform to embrace their efforts and help them in achieving their dream in a better and effective manner.

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