Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Saving Over Spending

Lohri, the last festival of the winter season, is marked by burning a holy fire that dissolves all the evil and negativity around you to being you happiness. It is yet another reason for families to get together and celebrate the winning of good over evil, happiness over sorrow. So in this all positive and joyful mode, why must we not choose spending over saving, more over less. Every festival brings with itself moods of celebration and festivities. Lohri is marked with good food, sweets, delicious dishes and much more unlike any other festival. So plunge and dive with your families into the best food and drink deals available online in tricity exclusively through AmazeDeal.

Good Deals Make Good Company Better

Lohri in modern times has not only acquired the importance of a festival but also a holiday. All of us crave that extra holiday to spend some time with friends over a day of pampering at the spa or over exotic food at a cozy cafe. It gives us time to do stuff we can usually not do over the busy days of work or jam packed weekend. Make this may more special and memorable by buying our unmatched for deals for yourself as well as your friends. Haven't registered yet? Well you better hurry because we have a limited time offer of benefits worth Rs. 50 on registration of new users. In this quest of enjoyment and celebrating to the fullest, do not make your wallet lighter or regret it later. You have a better option, you have the best deals, you have the resources, utilize them. Don't go alone and share the best Lohri deals and services with your friends and family members on this auspicious day.

Hurry up What You Waiting For? 

So log on today to avail the best at the least and make this year’s beginning a happy and smarter one. Don't let that sugar coating on your happiness dig a hole in your pocket later. We have the best deals in tricity at the lowest prices, anywhere and everywhere.

Let the fire purify us and make us ready to receive our abundance from the universe. Let us be in gratitude for all that has been showered on us, let us give our thanks to all our challenges and pain who taught us lessons to be what we are and let us be wiser and merrier in the times to come. 

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